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Kevin Hart has described himself as a workaholic: with him having a busy work schedule despite dropping out of hosting the Oscars.

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Kevin Hart has confessed he is a workaholic.

The 39-year-old comic stepped down from being the Oscars host last month due to his recent Twitter controversy.

The actor has been facing backlash over his past homophobic tweets after they recently resurfaced.

But Kevin insists that this doesn’t mean he’s any less busy, and he plans to “embrace” the opportunities that come his way.

He reassured fans that he still has plenty of work coming out: with the new film ‘The Upside’ now being released in cinemas.

Kevin revealed that he will start filming for the new ‘Jumanji’ movie over the weekend.

And if that wasn’t enough: he is about to star in another new flick, called ‘Fatherhood’.

He admitted that he is taking on all this hectic schedule while he still can.

The ‘Get Hard’ actor also wants to move on from his recent Oscars scandal.

On his appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ he claimed that the situation will get “No More Energy” from him.

The ‘Night School’ star believes that no matter how many times he addresses the situation some people still won’t be happy.


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