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Justin Bieber Viral Burrito Photo Revealed as FAKE Prank by YouTubers

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Remember last week when we were all freaking out after we saw Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways? Turns out that picture was a FAKE! Allow me to explain how it was totally staged.

Man, don’t you hate it when the internet tricks you?! Well, if you got pranked by this pic, you’re not alone. Last week this image went viral of a dude who looks and dresses exactly like the Biebs eating a burrito as if it was a corn cob. Vanity Fair picked it up. E! News. NBC. BBC. It was all over twitter. Even Chrissy Teigen weighed in! Yet the whole thing… was fake news staged by a group of YouTubers known as The Yes Theory and they’ve uploaded a YouTube video explaining how they did it.

So they found THIS dude in Canada and flew him out. How insane is that resemblance? I’ve seen twins that look more different. Bieb’s official doppelganger, named Brad Sousa, was then styled just like JB in this hoodie to hide all the tats. They put him in a wig. And voila. A recipe for internet prank-history. They deliberately set out to prank the internet and succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, thanks to a subreddit thread called “Mildly Infuriating” where they innocently posted the pic and within hours it was everything the world was talking about. These are weird times we’re living in. The internet is… an enigma. Anyway, they proved their point: Pretty much ANYTHING can be faked on the internet with just a little creativity… and a cheap wig. I feel duped, but also relieved that the burrito eating style that divided the nation is not real. What about YOU guys? Wrap your heads around this and then tell me how you REALLY feel. You could comment. But I say we take it to my socials @miriamisa on Twitter and @Miriam_isa on Instagram. Then click here for more Clevver videos and of course subscribe! I’m Miriam Isa. See you soon!

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