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Jordyn Woods LAUNCHES New Activewear Line & Gets BFF Kylie Jenner’s Approval

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Jordyn is a successful model and now she is launching her own business. The debut fashion brand is called SECNDNTURE and is a size-inclusive, street style activewear that features bold designs that are all under $80. The sizes include a vast range from XS to 2X.

Jordyn has been working on the line over the past year and told PEOPLE magazine that the inspiration came from being passionate about exercise. She told them QUOTE – “I went through a lot of different things and working out became my therapy, especially after losing my dad. And through working out all the time I realized that there was kind of not an activewear line that was super quality and affordable and size-inclusive so I decided, ‘Why not make my own.’”

The collection has 24 pieces that include sports bras, leggings, bodysuits, hoodies, jackets, and more. Jordyn explained where the name came from saying QUOTE – “I already had the name SECNDNTRE saved in my notes for something in the future. It was a name I thought of and it all kind of made sense to use it because I feel like ‘second nature’ means something that comes natural to you. And activewear should come natural to you. You shouldn’t have to put much thought into it.”
Of course as any bff would be, Jordyn says Kylie is super excited for her telling PEOPLE mag QUOTE – “She was excited for me because she knows this is something that I have been wanting to do for a while and I love designing. I am always designing different things, so to finally see me do something on my own and have my own brand is exciting for her. And the fact that she also has her own business, she knows how exciting it can be.”
Jordyn said her favorite piece are the leggings with a built-in waist trainer. She told the mag – “It’s my most innovative piece. When I workout I wear the sweatband. It helps keep your core tight and maximize the workout. I decided why not kill two birds with one stone because sometimes I forget my band or it doesn’t work with the leggings I am wearing. I haven’t seen leggings with the sweatband built-in done before.”

Jordyn also spoke abut how it was discouraging to go to the mall when she was younger because she knew it would be hard to find anything that would fit her in a way that was flattering. But as she got older and started modeling she really began to appreciate her curves.
She told PEOPLE – “When I started modeling I gained a lot of confidence because I had to go out of my comfort zone. And I realized that my individuality was my greatest gift and that I have this physical body and I can’t change it so you have to love it. It still is something that everyone struggles with from day-to-day, but for the most part I think that I am pretty confident in my skin.”
So dope. What do you guys think about Jordyn starting an activewear line? Sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for watching! Please click to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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