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Find Out Why Dunkin Donuts Just Released These STYLISH Running Shoes

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Running might not be your favorite kind of exercise, but I bet a pair of Dunkin Donuts shoes might motivate you to hit the pavement.

That’s right, the popular donut chain announced this week that they’re releasing a coffee and donut themed sneaker in honor of the Boston Marathon on April 16.

This is actually kind of perfect if you think about it, because the shoes can help remind you WHY you need to run in the first place…

To burn off all those donut holes and cold brews!

Dunkin teamed up with Saucony for the limited edition shoe, and they really didn’t skimp on the details. The side paneling of the kicks have a subtle coffee bean print, while the soles are painted with Dunkin’s signature orange and pink that’s featured on their logo.

In addition to that, there are also pink, purple, and orange sprinkles on the side of the shoe, with a pink frosted donut featured on the back heel.

Is it bad that just LOOKING at these shoes makes me want a donut?

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even find “Boston” written in the Dunkin Donuts font on the side of the shoe as well.

Now I know what you may be wondering —

Do you actually have to RUN the Boston Marathon to get a pair of these?

I think you’ll be pleased to hear that answer to that question is NO! Any Dunkin Donuts or running shoe enthusiast can pick up a pair of these babies. They’re available online through Saucony’s website, but they will set you back $110.

Alright guys, what do YOU think of these shoes? Are you gonna order a pair like RIGHT NOW? Hit the comments to get talking, then click HERE to find out all the details on this crazy intricate Harry Potter mansion. And don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver too! Thank you so much for watching, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, we’ll see you next time!

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