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Fans Think Kim Kardashian RIPPED OFF Kylie Jenner’s Eye Shadow Palette

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When Kim Kardashian launched KKW Beauty a lot of people accused her of ripping off of her sisters’ goldmine: Kylie Cosmetics. But then people backed off a bit because Kim released her contour sticks – we all know she’s the contour queen – which is an item not found in the Kylie Cosmetics line.

Yesterday Kim announced that she and her longtime makeup artist Makeupbymario were coming out with a line together through KKW beauty. When the KKW beauty Instagram account posted this photo of the KKW / Mario eye shadow pallet, people were quick to notice that it looks extremely similar to Kylie’s Royal Peach Pallet. Take a look at them side by side:

The both have similar looking shades, both cost $45 dollars and similar packaging. But if you guys look closely, Kylie’s pallet is white and has 12 shades while Kim’s is grey and only has 10 shades. Also, they both have one blue pot but Kim’s is metallic blue and Kylie’s is a matte blue.

Of course fans took to twitter to call Kim out though with one use tweeting: If I was kylie I’d be heated and another tweeting I actually think the #KKWxMARIO palette looks lush but isn’t it the exact colour scheme as Kylie’s peach palette?… The only difference I can see is the texture of the blue?

My thoughts: I truly feel like even though they’re both sisters they have somewhat of a different fan base. Not huge, but I do think it’s a little different. Also, since when does someone own colors? I go to Sephora all the time and other makeup brands have similar eye shadow pallets so can we really say Kim ripped off of Kylie? I personally am super excited about Kim & Mario’s new line since they basically brought baking and contouring o the forefront. I want to hear from you guys now though. Do YOU think Kim ripped of Kylie with her new eye shadow pallet? Sound off in the comment section below and then when you’re done with that, click right over here to see Kylie’s post-baby makeover. Also, don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you so much for watching Clevver News, hit me up on my socials @nazperez and maybe I’ll see you on Instagram! Bye!

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