Alan Cumming Constantly Gets Asked To Perform His ‘Romy And Michele’ Dance At Weddings | PeopleTV

The actor reflects on his time shooting the dance scene in ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.’ Subscribe to People ►► People and Entertainment Weekly, two of the world’s leading entertainment brands bring you PeopleTV. Watch everyday for free and get exclusive insider access to celebrities, pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle and human interest shows. […]

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Nancy Grace Weighs In on Roseanne’s Controversial Tweets

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Nancy Grace at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she took on Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Roseanne Barr. Of Roseanne’s recent tweets, which led to her show’s cancellation, Grace said, “Free speech in our constitution means you won’t go to jail for what you say… the Constitution does not protect […]

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Kanye West Debuts His New Album Ye + New Music Friday! | Daily Denny

Kanye West hosted a listening party for his new album, Ye, in Wyoming on Thursday Night. He calls out Tristan Thompson and possibly even Drake on a couple of the new tracks. More from Entertainment Tonight: After Pusha T claimed that Drake was a dead-beat dad a source told ET that that couldn’t be […]


Fortnite Faces Lawsuit From Other Massively Popular Game | Behind the Bar

Fortnite has been a runaway success, breaking all sorts of records in the gaming world. But one company is dragging the gaming giant into court, claiming Fortnite’s a total ripoff. Which will be last game standing … on this week’s Behind the Bar. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the […]

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Kanye West’s New “Ye” Album Lyrics DECODED

More Celebrity News ►► Kanye’s been confusing the hell out of us all year with his comments on twitter and in interviews and that red cap he keeps wearing. But let’s push the pause button on all that and decode his lyrics from his new album, shall we? In the song “I Thought About […]


Shailene Woodley Nearly Quit Acting Before “Big Little Lies” | E! News

The actress found a new love for acting after being a part of the hit HBO series. Full Story: Watch Live from E! here: Subscribe: About E! News: Jason Kennedy and the rest of the E! News team bring you the latest breaking entertainment, fashion and Pop Culture news. Featuring exclusive segments, […]


Cult Leaders & Child Brides: Breaking Down ‘People Magazine Investigates: Cults’ | PeopleTV

“People Magazine Investigates: Cults” premieres June 4th on Investigation Discovery. Subscribe to People ►► People NOW brings you daily news updates, interviews and more from the world of celebrities. Join Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke for an exclusive look at some of the juiciest celebrity gossip, drama, love stories and everything you need to […]

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Can The Queer Eye Cast Guess Who Said Which Hilarious Instagram Comment? | Entertainment Weekly

Watch them try to remember all of their hilarious Instagram comments. Subscribe to ►► Watch interviews with your favorite celebrities from the world of fame. What was it like for John Green to work with Cara Delevigne, what does Jennifer Lawrence think of Amy Schumer, and much more: Find out about the latest news […]

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Happy National Donut Day – Hollywood TV

Click to Subscribe! – Hollywood TV is your source for daily celebrity news and gossip! Happy National Donut Day!! Even celebs like donuts check out a few of our favorites!! Become a Fan! – Follow Us! – HTV is on the job 24/7, covering celebrity events including Tribeca Film Festival, The Screen […]