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Jessica Chastain’s ’empowering’ Ralph Lauren campaign | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Jessica Chastain is ‘breaking stereotypes’ with her new campaign for the Woman fragrance and hopes to inspire women to end the stigma around pay equality.

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The gender pay gap needs to be tackled, and is Jessica Chastain leading the fight?

The award winning actress wants women to talk about their salaries.

The ‘Molly’s Game’ star has been the face of Woman by Ralph Lauren since its launch in July 2017, and Jessica thinks the fragrance is “really special” because it “breaks gender stereotypes”.

Now she is using her work with the brand to support the Lead Like A Woman campaign to encourage conversations about the gender pay gap.

And the flame-haired beauty hopes to “empower women” by appearing in three short digital videos which have been created in partnership with the Women in Film organization.


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