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Kylie Jenner thinks “better” names for her daughter Stormi | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Kylie Jenner thinks there were “better” names for her daughter Stormi. The reality star admits she doesn’t know how she and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, chose the name for their baby but believes she chose her own name.

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Kylie Jenner admitted she thinks there were “better” names for her daughter than Stormi.

The reality star isn’t sure how she and her boyfriend Travis Scott chose the unique name for their baby, but Kylie thinks Stormi “picked her own name” and it was just meant to be.

Speaking to her sister Kim Kardashian West, the new mother admitted that Travis insisted the name was his idea, but Kylie is adamant it was her.
Meanwhile, the Life of Kylie star hopes that her daughter will grow into a “strong” and “independent” female.


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