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Elton John wishes people would write better songs. In an interview, Elton John expressed his dismay at the state of song writing in contemporary chart music, with the exception of a few artists like Kendrick Lamar and Stormzy.

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Do you often look upon the music charts in dismay? Well, you aren’t alone.
British singing legend Sir Elton John has spoken out, saying a lot of chart music lacks decent song writing.
Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, the 71-year-old legend who is about to retire after five decades of touring, said: “I wish people could write better songs”.
But hold on Elton, is it really all that bad? Of course not!
He went on to list hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar and British grime rapper Stormzy as shining exemptions.
Looks like they don’t have much reason to be humble.


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