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The Rock For President? Could Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson one day run for president? He hasn’t state his intensions yet but says he is keen to learn as much as possible and has considerable insider support.

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We’ve had Arnie the Governator in California and Ronald Reagan in the White House. So should we brace ourselves for The Rock as President?
The 45-year-old actor and former wrestler has reportedly had “under-the-radar” meetings with experts from across the political spectrum, sparking speculation that he may be interested in running for president of the United States.
He has stressed, however, that he doesn’t yet have the skillset to run but is keen to keep learning as much as possible. If he does decide though, a “well-known political figure” has offered his support and will come to The Rock’s aid if he sends a coded message.
All Dwayne has to do is text two words: “Freedom Patriot”.
You give ‘em hell, Dwayne. You give ‘em hell.


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