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Ed Sheeran wants plagiarism case dismissed | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Ed Sheeran wants plagiarism case dismissed. The British singer/songwriter is fighting claims that he stole the melody from ‘When I Found You’ for ‘The Rest of Our Lives’, a song he wrote for Tim McGraw.

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What is it with pop music, plagiarism and lawsuits?
British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has had to hit back at claims that he stole the melody for ‘The Rest of Our Lives’ – a song he wrote for Tim McGraw.
The 27-year-old redhead is accused of copying the 2014 song ‘When I Found You’, performed by Jasmine Rae, but he’s responded by filing legal documents that insist the claims are without merit.

The Australian duo Sean Carey and Beau Golden, who penned the Jasmine Rae song, are seeking $5 million in damages, as well as a share of royalties and an injunction to permanently block the use of the track.
Ed, naturally, wants the case dismissed but listen for yourselves and see if the redhead should be red faced!


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