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Chris Pratt has bought a new cow | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Ending a social media hiatus, Chris Pratt shared a photo of the latest addition to his farm – a long-horned cow from Texas.

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In a world so full of chaos and turmoil, sometimes it’s the simple stories we need most.
And what could be more uplifting and heart-warming than the fact Chris Pratt has just bought a new cow? Old Chris Pratt Had a farm? Ey Eye Ey Eye OH!
The 38-year-old took to Instagram to share a photo of the latest addition to his homestead, a glorious Texas Longhorn.
Chris wrote how it was love at first sight and that she is, thankfully, adjusting well to life on Chris’ farm.
This also marks the end of a social media Hiatus for Chris, who has been notably quiet since splitting with his ex-wife Anna Ferris.
He also admitted he missed spending time with his five-year-old son.
So hopefully this Texas gal can keep Chris company for now!


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