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Logan Paul SLAMMED By Model for Using Her As Human Bicycle

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Logan Paul has managed to keep himself out of headlines for the past several weeks, but now a plus-size model named Eliza Johnson is speaking out about about how horrible she felt after being used a human bicycle in his November 2017 “No Handlebars” music video. Yes, you heard that right — Logan literally rode on Eliza’s back like she was the base of a bike and put the video on YouTube.

The music video is a parody of a song called “Handlebars,” which was released in 2008. Eliza had no idea what project she was working on when she was cast and discovered who Logan was just hours before they started filming.

Eliza opened up about her experience with Psychology Today saying QUOTE “We got on set and he came up and said, ‘Have you heard of a human bicycle?’ We didn’t know the song, we didn’t know anything. […] I’m the base of the bike. He was riding on top of my back the whole video. We’re on a little trolley that they rigged up to a truck pulling us, and we did that five or six times, and we went about 200 meters each time. I was standing there trying to keep my balance with Logan on my back jumping all over and holding only another model as we’re being pulled by this car.”

The model says they filmed her scene “so many times [her] legs almost gave out” but while she was uncomfortable from the beginning, she didn’t realize how degrading the whole thing was until she saw the final version when Logan posted it to YouTube.

She said QUOTE “I felt kind of abused. Of course, I felt ashamed and when something like this happens and we kind of become victimized, we don’t really realize it, we want to just block it out, or say maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not happening. It’s a very confusing type of thing to experience. There was a making-of video prior to the actual video coming out. They’re filming us and he’s [saying], ‘Okay, this is how you do it,’ and I was just laughing because I just couldn’t even believe what was going on. I thought, I just really hope this ends up being a really funny satire. Because he kept saying it was going to epic, it was going to be great. I was not aware of what he stood for.”

Eliza also points out that she was the only plus-size model among a roster of eight or nine women and thinks the fact that she was the one used as the base of the bike was to QUOTE “make a mockery of everything.”
And to make matters even worse, she eventually found out she was being paid hundreds of dollars less than the other women featured in the videos. Luckily she was eventually able to address the issue with producers and get equal pay.

Do you ever just want to grab Logan Paul scream ‘WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!’ Because I’m feeling that way more and more lately. There are so many issues with Eliza’s experience and while it’s great that she’s speaking out to hopefully prevent other people from going through something similar, it’s still so sad that she had to deal with it at all. Do you think Logan will respond to Eliza’s interview? Should she expect an apology? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then click here to relive all of the best moments from the 2018 Kids Choice Awards. I’m your host Erin Robinson thanks so much for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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