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Christina Aguilera reveals ‘Infatuation’ is about gay ex-lover | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Christina Aguilera has revealed her song ‘Infatuation’ is inspired by being heartbroken to find out her ex-lover is gay

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Ever wonder what Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Infatuation’ is about? Well she has just revealed that it is actually about her gay ex-boyfriend.
The 37-year-old singer’s said the single ‘Infatuation’ from her 2002 album, ‘Stripped’ was inspired by a former lover, who she has chosen not to name, who left her heartbroken when she found out he is attracted to men.
She also revealed the song ‘Fighter’ was also about an old relationship but one that ended much less amicably.
But now she is now happily married with two kids, but will she still be producing fiery ballads? You better believe it!
Her last record, Lotus, was released 2012, but she recently confirmed another is certainly on the way – we are looking forward to seeing Christina back in action!


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