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Starbucks NEW Crystal Ball Frappuccinos MORE Magical Than Unicorn Frapps?!

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Starbuck unveils a new Crystal Ball Frappuccino drink that might actually be MORE magical than their Unicorn frapps!

I’ve seen the future and it is filled with lots of Starbucks Instagram posts.

Starbucks knows the way to our hearts: With delicious, gimmicky, and very ‘grammable drinks. And the latest special drink coming to our favorite coffee chain ticks all the boxes: It has an adorable name, beautiful aesthetic, and enticing flavors.

The Crystal Ball frappuccino is a peach-flavored frappuccino decorated with turquoise sparkles, and has a whimsical, marbled look. And if you’re not big on caffeine of the flavor of coffee, than you’re definitely gonna love this frap because it is crème-based rather than espresso-based.

So what makes the Crystal Ball frappuccino a crystal-ball inspired beverage? Well, it turns out that the peach-flavored whipped cream on top is sprinkled with one of three colored candy gems, with each giving a different “fortune” for its drinker. Blue gems mean adventure is your destiny, green gems mean get ready for some good luck to enter your life, and purple gems indicate that magic, wonder, and enchantment are in your future.

And while you may be thinking, “Okay I could definitely use some luck in my life because I have a test coming up so I’m gonna go with green”, unfortunately customers can’t choose which colors they get…

Because duh, that would defeat the whole fun “crystal ball” concept!

According to the company, the candy gems come in opaque shakers, meaning even the baristas won’t know which fortune customers are getting.

I mean, they’ll probably know after seeing which colors come out of which containers a couple times, but STILL.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these Crystal Ball frapps, than you better make a move fast–the drinks are only going to be available at participating locations until Sunday, March 26th.

So do you guys see a Starbucks run in your near future? And if you could create a special Starbucks frappuccino drink, what would it be called and what flavor would it be? Sound off in the comments below, and after that click over here to check out Krispy Kreme’s new Easter-inspired donuts. Thanks so much for watching, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more Clevver News. I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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